Why You Should Be Bringing Plants Indoors!

By March 21, 2019 July 24th, 2019 No Comments

While scrolling through Pinterest the other day, I came across this amazing idea for displaying plants in a bathroom. These plants that are pictured, are mostly easy-to-care for plants that are great for even the self -described, “worst” plant caregiver – not naming names, but you know who you are, Karen.  So not only do plants brighten up your space, like the pop of color they add to this white space, they also provide  health benefits – who knew?

Here are 5 ways having plants inside create a healthy environment:

•They assist in breathing. During photosynthesis, plants absorb the carbon dioxide we breathe out and release oxygen, thereby increasing our oxygen levels. Special note- at night when photosynthesis stops, most plants switch to the reverse. Orchids and succulents are two plants which do the opposite-so you should put these in your bedroom to keep oxygen flowing!

•They help deter illness-by creating higher humidity which helps to decrease the transmission of the flu virus. Sign me up!

•They clean the air.  There are several plants that are good for removing indoor pollutants.

•Plants boost healing – studies have shown that patients recovered faster when viewing plants in their rooms and taking care of plants.

•They increase work productivity- having plants at work and home improves concentration and memory retention.

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For more Information on the health benefits of plants, you can find it at the source of this post, www.treehugger.com

-Live Simply