The Mess Masters - Home Cleaning and Lifestyle Management Services in Dayton, Ohio

We are a local female-owned and operated business and are long-standing members of our community in Dayton, Ohio. We support our local businesses and community members when we can and frequently partner with other businesses, often female-owned as well.

Our clients are receive a satisfaction guarantee on our work. If you are not happy with something we have done, or not done, call us within forty eight hours and we will fix it.

The Mess Masters has trained and certified professionals on staff who are subject to background checks and random drug tests. We are a registered company with the State of Ohio.

Did we tell you about insurance? Yep, we have that too. Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment and General Liability Insurance so that you are covered in the event of any mishaps to our staff while on your property or to your property by our staff. Keep in mind when you hire independent cleaners, they may not always have this coverage. It protects them and you! If they are injured on the job, it could lead to possible litigation against the homeowner if the cleaner does not carry his/her own insurance. If they break your Grandma’s vase, are they going to have the insurance to replace it? These are considerations when hiring a company and individuals. While your neighbor’s daughter may clean your house for less than we will, she may not have all of these things in place that protect both of you.

The Mess Masters provides home cleaning and lifestyle management services in Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding areas.