Who am I?

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I am a wife, mom and step-mom to five kids and three animals, daughter, sister, and friend, working full-time and, like most people, trying to make enough time for everyone.  Some years ago, we were lucky enough to find someone to help us in the house – cleaning, running errands, doing laundry and taking care of things I did not have time for nor wanted to do.  We have always referred to her as “our Alice” – that’s a Brady Bunch reference that everyone should know.  If you don’t, you need to google it.  She took care of our animals when we could not make it home during the day; shuttled our kids where they needed to be; stayed at our house while we were gone – she basically did everything and anything we asked.  But, for health reasons, she recently had to step away.  You can imagine how that brought our wheels to a screeching halt.  I mean, who was going to return all the crap I bought back to Target? Or, take those packages to the nightmare post office?  Pick up more Titos?  Yep – you guessed it – we were!  And that’s the royal “we” as in me.  Don’t get me wrong – my husband is a dream, but as I mentioned, we have five kids together (including three in high school) – I mean there are only so many hours in the day.  He runs his own company and our youngest does not drive yet – so he is also the bathroom cleaner, dishwasher, driver, and the entertainer among many other titles.  Some might wonder why none of these five kids are jumping in to fill  the void – and that, my friends, is a whole ‘nother story for a whole ‘nother day!

At any rate, I looked around and found it is really hard to find someone that you can trust to bring into your house, around your family and your animals.  And, it is even harder to find one someone who does all the things you need done.  There is a company for cleaning but they won’t make my returns to Target.  There is a company to plan your travel but they don’t know that you have already been to the first three places they want to book. There are people who will walk your dogs, but they won’t switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer you forgot that morning because you were running around looking for a missing soccer cleat.   And so far, I have not found too many people around here that can turn your pantry from the deep, dark abyss of open chip bags to the shiny, organized showpiece it should be.  There is nothing like having someone to remind you a week before, that your anniversary is approaching and also give you the gift ideas your wife has been talking about.  This method is much more appreciated by everyone rather than writing in Sharpie taping a list to his forehead while he is sleeping.

So, because I couldn’t find it – I decided to create it.  And that, friends, is how The Mess Masters was born.  We handle it all.  As much as you can delegate, we can take on.  The Mess Masters is a Lifestyle Firm that is designed to help you run your house and your life in a more organized, organic, healthy, stress-free and clean way.  So give us a call, you will not regret the time we give back to you.

You will find content updated here and on Instagram and Facebook fairly often, so grab your coffee or your cocktail (Hey, we don’t judge!) and sit down for a spell.

Stick around, it definitely won’t be boring!

Live simply