Spring Cleaning and Other Fun Stuff

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Well peeps, it is that time of year again.  Like making New Years Resolutions for your house.  Opening the windows, letting in warmer air (only for today – tomorrow it might be 37 degrees – but good news, Wednesday it should be 72 degrees). Every year, the advertisements roll out (much like this one) reminding us that Spring is the time to start over, make everything brighter and shinier.  Now, if you are like me, Spring means soccer and lacrosse – leaving hardly any time to make anything brighter or shinier, including my own hair.  Spring seems to ramp up in our house starting in February (funny enough) and does not let up until the week school is out.  Currently, our three youngest (the littles) are playing club soccer and high school lacrosse plus the oldest of “the littles” graduates in a month – say again?.  That means practices three and four nights a week and games all weekend plus during the week just for extra scheduling fun.  My husband and I pretty much survive on caffeine and air this time of year.  Who has time to plan dinner, let alone cook or eat it?  Are you tired of eating chicken nuggets and Twizzlers healthy snacks of nuts and cheese in the car driving to and fro or is that just me?  Do you shovel in Taco Bell standing over the kitchen counter while reading the mail and checking homework at 9 o clock at night? Also me.

Here, at The Mess Masters, we have some pretty creative ways of helping you out this time of year.  We can Spring (and Summer, Fall and Winter) clean your house and get you on the right track to stay organized.  This also means we have those dinner ideas covered.  We can even bring the ingredients to you or make it ahead of time so all you need to do is heat it in the oven.

Give us a ring, it will definitely make life easier for you!

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