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Paying our Workers a Living Wage

We try to be as transparent with our employees and clients as would like them to be with us. You can look around, but probably won’t find many of our competitors who publish their wages.

In a survey released in January 2021 by, it found that women made up 88.2% of the cleaning workforce in 2020.

The majority of maid salaries currently range between $21,500 (25th percentile) to $29,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $35,000 annually across the United States. For someone working forty hours per week, this is an average of $12.14 per hour.

So what is a Living Wage? Living wages are specific to the cost of living in a specific area. The Living Wage calculator makes several assumptions in its calculation, include that the sole provider is working 2080 hours per year and also calculates local costs for basic necessities of food, child care, medical, housing and transportation

The Living Wage calculation in Montgomery County, Ohio for one working adult with no children is $10.69 per hour. For illustration, the calculation assumes that same adult will spend $3,058 for food and $6,204 for housing, per year, among the other expenses. Minimum wage in Ohio is currently $8.80 per hour. Data from MIT Living Wage Calculator.

Our employees start at a minimum of $13.00 per hour for training and quickly and significantly elevate in pay after their thirty day training period and upon subsequent performance evaluations. We pay them well as we expect a lot from them. Because of these high expectations, we provide the training and mentorship in our business that allows them to excel and provide our clients with top notch service.

There are many companies in our area that are cheaper than our services. We know we provide a luxury service and we know that for some it will be priced out of their budget. But we also know that with highly paid employees, many of the problems that come with low-paid employees: unreliability, theft, underperformance, sloppy work, disappear. Now, that is not to say all lower paid employees have these issues, but we have found in our business, it pays to pay well. Additionally, it really is the right thing to do. I am not sure if you have been to a regular fast food place lately, but it costs almost $3 to get a large soda at Burger King. With the costs of living so high, and wanting our employees to not live paycheck to paycheck, we put their well being first. This also includes, being W2 employers (and paying their payroll taxes), supplying Workers’ Compensation and unemployment insurance.

Happy workers make happy clients.