If You Aren’t Cleaning Your Keurig – You Should Be!!

By May 30, 2019 July 24th, 2019 No Comments

You will thank me later for this –

Imagine a peaceful morning of your daughter screaming that she can’t find her soccer shoe because who actually takes their shoes off AT.THE. SAME. TIME. AND. IN. THE. SAME. PLACE., the dog barking to get out, the cat crying to be fed, your son trying to slide that note from his teacher about talking too much in class for you to sign and your husband trying to find his sunglasses (which, incidentally, honey – they are on top of your head) and then both kids yelling that you are making them late by not getting your Uber hat on in timely fashion… and to top it all off, your coffee cups only fills up half way and you are shit. out. of. luck.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME??? you might be screaming.  I’ll tell you why – you didn’t read this post in time, or at all, and didn’t clean your Keurig.  It needs some love too.

Don’t fret – its an easy fix and you don’t need to buy any fancy materials to get it done.

Fill the water reservoir with white vinegar (white vinegar is magic by the way) and run that through the machine until its empty.  Then fill the reservoir with clean water and run it again until its empty.  Also make sure the (very sharp) needles in the pod “holder” are free from any coffee grounds.  I use a bent paper clip for this and not my fingers!

Voila! You are back in business.  Now, off to find that soccer shoe.

Until next time!

-Live Simply