How We are Handling the COVID-19 Health Crisis

By April 3, 2020 No Comments

Your House Needs Disinfected and Sanitized – not just cleaned.  Our current health crisis is unprecedented and the information available on its transmission seems to change daily or even faster.  Keeping your home clean, sanitized and disinfected not only helps to protect you against COVID-19, but also a lot of other germs, bacteria and viruses.  The Mess Masters uses a hospital-grade, EPA registered # 87508-3-89334 Emerging Viral Pathogen disinfectant, effective against SARS CoV-2 and COVID-19 and other virus/bacteria/fungus.  We use this solution on high touch, non-porous surfaces throughout your home and have added our high-touch protocols used in deep cleans and rotations to our standard cleanings – think phones, faucet handles, light switches, remote controls, door knobs etc.  Additionally, we are utilizing a commercial air scrubber to clean and purify your home while we are disinfecting.

Our team members wear new disposable gloves for each job.  Our cleaning cloths, mop heads and microfiber footies are switched out between each home and disinfected and washed before any new use.  Our vacuums, attachments, tools and caddies are also disinfected between each home and at the end of the day.  Team vehicles are disinfected each day, both inside and out and our workplaces are cleaned and disinfected each day as well.

Our team members are symptom and temperature checked each day and given hand sanitizer in their workspace and vehicles for their use throughout the day.  Additionally, we have utilized extra vehicles to keep distance as much as possible.  We likewise practice social distancing in our client’s homes.

We vigilantly monitor the CDC and government recommendations and will continue to follow or exceed all guidelines.  If you become ill, please contact our office to reschedule.  Likewise, if you feel you need to suspend service for the time being, please know we will happy to have you back when you are comfortable returning.

You are the heart of our business.  While we take these extra steps to help mitigate your and our risks of exposure, you can rest assured, your home will not only be disinfected and sanitized against COVID-19 and other disease, but you will still get that Mess Master detail that you love.

Wash your hands, friends!


~Live Simply