How to Prepare Your Home For Cleaning Services

Please put away items of significant value, either financial or sentimental. We are very careful with our clients’ things, but we are human after all. There are some items we will not clean such as crystal and china, chandeliers, musical instruments or art to name a few, because it is outside of our wheelhouse. We do not want to be responsible for damaging Grandma’s wedding china or the last photograph you have of a loved one. While we have insurance, we all have many things in our home that no amount of money can replace. We would be heartbroken to cause someone such grief. For items that have nominal market value but infinite sentimental value, we limit our reimbursement for damage to $200.

The cost of cleaning your home is directly based on how long it takes for us to do it. If for instance, you are of the variety that cleans before the cleaners get there, then it may take us less time or the expected time to get it done. If you have to leave for work after being up until 2am working on your son’s school project that he told you about just 8 hours before and have left the dinner dishes in the sink, papers all over the table, shoes in the entry, beds unmade and the remnants of your attempt to look half alive on the bathroom counter and every day seems to run like this, we got you! It just means that either we cannot get to everything to clean it all (in order to stay within our scheduled time or your fixed budget) or we stay longer and it costs more. We will let you know if we think it may take longer so you can make that decision.

So to pre-clean or not pre-clean is completely up to you. We will be ready for it when we get there!

*Please note due to health, safety and sanitation issues, we do not clean in active bug, rodent, spider or other pest infestations. This must be remediated prior to our cleaning with a rough clean to follow for removal of pests.

We also cannot clean bio hazardous materials, bodily fluids, cat litter, animal waste etc.

Our employees are super people who clean everything they can safely reach. This means they cannot climb on counters to reach lights or cabinet tops. They cannot stand on ladders greater than 2 steps to reach windows or ceiling fans in heightened rooms. They also are not able to move furniture weighing more than 25 pounds. So that we do not damage floors, we cannot move appliances or other furniture by pushing or dragging across floors.

If you find anything out of sorts, call us within 48 hours and we will return to clean it without charge. Our work is 100% guaranteed. We will ensure that our cleaners always meet your expectations!  Our team works really hard and trains often.  But, they, like all of us, can be affected by things in their day that perhaps causes a distraction.  A baby awake all night with an ear infection, personal challenges they may be stressed about, other hardships that perhaps affects their day.  Please know they do their best and if they didn’t that day, they are accountable and will return to make it right.