Show of hands.. how many of you have old canvas art or boards lying about in storage taking up space and not in an artful way? Grab those paintings and some paint and head outside – we have an idea so easy even the kids can do it!

Lay your canvas outside – we placed ours on top of a piece of styrofoam. Spray it one solid color. We chose black because that was what was going to work with the color palette in the staged house where it was going. We then clipped some branches with foliage off a nearby tree. Do not worry if it does not lay flat, that gives your final piece some movement. Spray the branches with a contrasting/coordinating color until they are covered. We used matte sand dollar. When sprayed completely, pull the branches straight up – don’t drag them across the canvas- and voila you have a new design. We waited about an hour for it dry and then hung it up where we needed. (The final grouping had some coordinating things with it so we went with a rectangle canvas we found-but you can see just this result at the end of this post.)

You can come up with all kinds of ideas and the content you want to use. If you don’t have any canvas or boards laying around – head to a thrift store. We found a square canvas at the Thrift store for $3 and did another spray paint art for the bathroom. Show us all your art by tagging us in your photos!