The Mess Masters - Home Cleaning Services in Dayton, OH

Home Cleaning Services in Dayton, OH

We are a couture cleaning firm located in Dayton, Ohio that allows you to
customize your cleaning in any way that fits your needs and your lifestyle. 

When booking with The Mess Masters for the first time, we typically schedule an initial clean.  An initial clean is a deeper, more thorough clean of every surface we can safely reach.  This includes ceiling fans, baseboards, doors, and door trim, all the cobwebs, under furniture all the surfaces.  Due to liability concerns, we cannot climb on countertops or ladders above two steps, we cannot hang out windows to clean the outside of the window…you get the idea.   Blinds and appliance interiors can also be done but they are add-ons and not typically included in the estimated price of service. 

The initial clean is billed by the hour and we give you an estimated price range for service.  While we do our best to give accurate estimates, sometimes there are challenges that make the time run longer.  This is where the condition of the property come into play.  For instance, if you look at the two photos below, you will see how the condition is going to play a role in how long it will take us to clean a certain space.  The more time we spend moving items to get to the surfaces cleaned, the longer it takes to do the cleaning, and therefore the more costly it is.   We are happy to do whatever makes your life easier, we just like to be transparent about how that impacts cost.

We can also rotate areas to be cleaned in your home between visits, only clean certain rooms (most often the kitchen and bathrooms), or work from a priority list and a set amount of time to complete tasks.  It also can be switched up to make it work for you.

Pictured above: (Left) Below average condition, (Right) Above average condition.

To see a list of what we do at every cleaning, visit our Cleaning Checklist page here!

The Mess Masters provides residential cleaning services for homes in the following areas of Ohio and their surroundings:

Dayton, Riverside, Huber Heights, Englewood, Vandalia, Clayton, Trotwood, Yellow Springs, Xenia, Bellbrook, Sugarcreek Twp, Beavercreek, Kettering, Centerville, Oakwood, Washington Twp, Waynesville, and Springboro, Ohio.