Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

We have you covered! In the event you wish to add on laundry services and/or dishwashing services from our Lifestyle Management Plan, we do ask you provide the products you prefer.

Referrals - what's in it for me?

A lot! For each first-time clean referral who completes services we get in your name, you get $25 off a future clean! And, you can stack these up. So, for instance, if you refer 10 people, you get $250 in credit to use on your cleaning services or on any lifestyle hours.

My cleaners just left and I am unhappy with the job they did-now what?

Oh no! This is definitely not what we want to hear. If you find anything out of sorts, call us within 48 hours and we will return to clean it without charge. Our work is 100% guaranteed. We will ensure that our cleaners always meet your expectations!  Our team works really hard and trains often.  But, they, like all of us, can be affected by things in their day that perhaps causes a distraction.  A baby awake all night with an ear infection, personal challenges they may be stressed about, other hardships that perhaps affects their day.  Please know they do their best and if they didn’t that day, they are accountable and will return to make it right.

What if I have to cancel my cleaning?

We get it – sometimes life gets in the way. We are happy to reschedule your cleaning when it is more convenient for you. Cleans cancelled less than 72 business hours ahead are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost or the entire deposit on file.  Cleans cancelled with less than 48 business hours, day of or lock outs are subject to cancellation fee of the entire amount due.  Cleans that we are unable to complete due to conditions of the home (safety issues, temperature, no electricity or running water, pests, etc) are subject to cancellation fee of the entire amount due.

You may be asking yourself why we charge a cancellation fee.  Here’s the short story – in order to keep talented and happy staff, they have to be able to depend on their income.  Or, they leave to find a place where they can depend on their income.  Happy and well paid staff is a benefit to our clients in many ways.  So when we book your appointment and it is cancelled on short notice, we do not have time to try and fill that appointment spot for the staff.  Which means they are not working, and not getting paid.  The cancellation fee helps to stabilize their income.  We would love to be able to cover cancellations because we hate to charge them, but it just is not possible.   We send out two reminders before each clean, one by email four days prior and one by text the evening before.

Cancellations made after business hours or during the weekends are not seen until the next business day.

Also, if the cancellation is for a recurring cleaning, the next visit may require additional time to bring the space up to standard level again, resulting in a higher fee.

Who are you sending into my home?

Our application process is very thorough. All employees are subject to background checks and random drug screens.  You receive emails with your team members name and photos prior to your appointments. We will not send anyone in your home that we would not trust around our own people, pets or property.

Do I need to lock up my pets while you are here?

Only if they bite! Or are of the large reptile or exotic variety. We love animals! We take great pride in getting to know the whole family. Check out our lifestyle plans – we offer pet check services when you are not able to be home.

Are you insured and bonded?

Indeed we are! We take your and our security very seriously. Our job is to make your life easier – not complicate it with employees who either you or we have to question.

What do you do with my information?

When you send us an email, we use  your email address to thank you for your comment and/or reply  to your question, and we will store your communication and our reply for any future correspondence.  We will never share or sell your email  address with anyone else for such use.


When you accept to receive information about our services, promotions, newsletters, press releases, and/or new offers, we use your email address and any other information you give us to provide you with the information or other services, until you ask us to stop using the “unsubscribe” instructions provided with each email communication.


When you request information or other services from us, we use your email address and any other information you give us to provide you with the information or other services that you requested, until you ask us to stop using the “unsubscribe” instructions provided with each email communication or until the information or service is no longer available.

We will never share your emails address it or sell, rent or lease it to any third party for unsolicited messaging.

How do I pay my bill?

Invoices are sent electronically usually within 24 business hours of the service.   Payment is due the day of service, or of receiving the invoice. You then have the option to pay online via Zelle or Credit Card.  If you are a recurring customer, your invoice will be sent automatically the morning of your clean.

Payments not made timely are subject to  interest at the rate of 20% APR.  In the event, collection efforts must be made, you are responsible for costs of collection including reasonable attorney fees.

Let's talk about money

We are likely not going to be your cheapest option.  We understand that we provide a luxury service and that for many this is not a necessary expense.   So let’s talk about what goes into the cost of providing exceptional service

  • Employees  – our staff are our number one priority and our number one expense.  We value our staff and know that when they feel valued and taken care of, they take care of our clients. Our staff is paid well beyond the minimum wage that many companies start and keep their employees at.   Cleaning is a very difficult and labor-intensive job.  Someone making $13 an hour might be tempted to supplement their income with some of your belongings!
  • Products – we purchase quality products and tools to make our staff’s job easier and less labor intensive.   We routinely review products and tools with staff for their input – after all its they who are doing the work!  You might be surprised to learn that many companies will heavily dilute cleaning products to stretch their dollars; or use inferior products that are cheaper to purchase. In fact, we have learned of some companies that use only water on their cleaning towels to dust!  We dilute according to the manufacture’s directions.  It is not just about wiping a surface.  “Cleaning” it means sanitizing and disinfecting the surface not just wiping the appearance of dirt off the surface.
  • Insurance and Taxes – we carry full liability insurance, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and pay sales tax and payroll taxes.  Why should this be important to you?  Imagine you hire someone to come in and clean your house.  Scenario A: the cleaner uses a product on your very expensive stove top scratching it in several places.  Unfortunately, he/she does not have insurance to cover the damage or the money to repair or replace it.  That means you are coming out of pocket for those damages.   Scenario B: the cleaner climbs on a ladder or a counter to reach a ceiling fan or light fixture and falls to the ground, breaking an arm.  The cleaner does not carry workers’ compensation and may not even have health insurance to cover the medical expenses and the inevitable time off work.  Guess where he or she is going to be looking for payment – you!  Our staff are not independent contractors – they are W2 employees.  That means we control their training, their schedule, provide their uniforms and we carry all the required insurance and licenses needed to protect you and them. We also pay our portion of our staffs’ payroll taxes.

So, there are cheaper options.   Our company directive is to provide quality, not value.  Maybe you find that unicorn that does not cut corners when cleaning, uses the products appropriately, carries all the necessary insurance, pays all their taxes (sales and income) and they are still cheaper.  That’s great!  We invite you to base your decisions on overall quality and not just the price point.

Do I really need a deep clean?

Well, the answer is maybe.  If your home has been professionally cleaned within the last 60 days then maybe not.  If it has been more than 60 days then probably so.  Trying to schedule a standard clean when the home has not been professionally maintained recently, can leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed.  There is more debris, dust etc in a home not professionally maintained which just cannot be gotten to during a standard clean.  The good news is deep cleans are billed by the hour so if it does not need a full deep clean, you are only charged for the time we are there.  We want you to be thrilled with the results!  Trying to cut those corners can leave you wearing Cinderella’s ball gown with holey Converse sneakers.  We definitely don’t want that!

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