Craft Room Makeover

By June 1, 2019 July 24th, 2019 No Comments

Do you find yourself buying more paint, glue, wrapping paper, tape <insert multitude of items here> only to find out later that you two or ten more at home?

This is where organizing comes in to save the day!  First, how many containers of Tiffany Blue acrylic paint do you need?  Now, myself, I am a bit of a paper hoarder.  Shocking, I know.  Wrapping paper, cute napkins – you name it.  I have gotten a little better with treatment (i.e. avoiding HomeGoods) but it has been a long road.  Anyhoo, – today, I am giving you some quick tips to get your craft space looking tip top, courtesy of a lovely friend at sweetredpoppy.com.  Check her out for more great ideas!

IKEA has the best wrapping paper holders…they are actually trash bag/plastic bag holders.  They are less than $5 and make seeing all of your wrapping paper a snap!

Also, you can get a peg board from IKEA for less than $20.  It is the Skadis. Buy more hooks than you think you will need – you will be amazed at all the things you will use them for.  No more digging around in dark baskets looking for ribbon or markers.

IKEA also has the most amazing storage containers that hook right onto your Peg Board and they have lids!

You can also grab the white spice shelf from IKEA and then snatch up some clear spice jars from Amazon.  You can store beads, googly eyeballs or (audible gasp) glitter – if you allow that sort of unholiness in your house.  You can also use the hooks to hang scissors, tapes, ribbon, tags, gift bags, rulers – the list is endless.

If you are a HomeGoods fan, and let’s be honest what kind of person is NOT a HomeGoods fan? – you can always find super cute AND inexpensive desks and work stations there.  Just hunt for one that fits your space.  If it is not the color you want – paint it – especially now that you have organized all your paint and can find the right color!

Great space does not have to expensive, it just has to planned out.  Get crafting friends!