What is “average condition” and what does it mean for my house cleaning?

A home in average condition is not a house that looks like no one lives in it. In an average house, you might find a toilet that has a hard water ring in it or floors that have some crumbs of food and dog hair running loose. There may be a few dishes in the sink and a basket of laundry on the bed. Your toddlers may have left jelly fingerprints on the sliding glass door and the dust may have accumulated on the door trim and window sills since you last cleaned. This is all normal for a family living in their home.

Where we run into some challenges is in areas where perhaps the space has not been cleaned for some time, and therefore is not in average condition. Maybe the home has been empty or someone had been ill or you were just too busy to make it to cleaning up. There is no judgment and it is all fine. However, this is where it may take some extra time for us to tackle the home. As a result, our invoice can rise above our estimated cost range. We try everything we can to stay within that range, but if we cannot, we let you know upfront. Then you can decide if you want us to just clean everything regardless of time or focus on priorities. Please keep in mind, we are cleaners. Sometimes things get beyond a point where they can be cleaned to perfection the first time or even after several attempts. While we aim to get the property in tip top shape, there are occasions where that cannot happen regardless of how much time we spend on it. Our staff is trained to know when to stop cleaning. If they are scrubbing hard water marks off a shower door and nothing has improved after a period of time, they leave it and move on to the next task.

Below are some photographs as examples of areas that are in less than average condition:

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