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Wondering how your friend, neighbor, whomever has a house that always looks clean? It is not by accident this happens. There are habits you can take on to get you there! Keep reading!

  • They make their bed – yes, everyday
  • They do not wait to wash clothes until the weekend – they wash them as soon as a load is ready to go.
  • They keep their papers organized
  • They clean out their refrigerator frequently
  • They put shoes and coats away when they come in
  • They do not stack dirty dishes in the sink.  Get them done at night so the morning is ready to go!
  • Everything has a home and when you are done using it, it goes back there!
  • They dust and vacuum at least once a week…vacuum maybe every day if you can

We’d love to hear if you have any other habits you can add to the list!

Source: Chasing Foxes