5 Tips to Get Your Linen Closet in Tip-Top Shape

By May 25, 2019 July 24th, 2019 No Comments

Get that linen closet in order in a snap!

Are you like many me with your linen closet a dark empty abyss of mismatched towels, sheets hanging out, 15 different toothpastes because you buy more not knowing what you have because you can’t see it?  Got ya covered friend!

Here’s a few tips to help get you organized.

1. Get a rolling hamper with a removable liner. It holds dirty towels and you can take it from room to room to collect dirty laundry. When the liner gets yucky toss it in the wash too!

2.  Utilize a large basket for beach towels and extra blankets. Makes it easier to grab and importantly easier to put away.

3. Get some wire baskets to hold things like extra toilet paper, toothpaste and washcloths. Easy to see means easy to find.

4.  Use large clear jars to hold cotton balls, QTips and other other toiletries. Again easy to find so you don’t keep buying the same thing over and over not knowing the back of the closet is hiding the extra you already have.

5. Separate your sheet sizes in different lidded baskets. Nothing is more maddening than looking for a King size pillowcase only to find that the standard pillowcases have  staged a coup and hidden all the Kings and Queens.

There you have it!  Super simple and super organized!

-Live Simply